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Terms of Service

Co-create IKEA Terms and Conditions

Before entering the Co-create IKEA Platform we would like to ask you to read and understand the text below. It is important for us that everybody knows how things work in the platform, what commitments IKEA makes and which ones you will be making once you start co-creating with us.

1)        What it is and why we do it

Co-create IKEA Platform is an online tool to be used between IKEA product development teams + people around the world, all together in one creative community, the Co-Create IKEA Community. We bring people together to tackle some of the latest projects we’re working on at IKEA.

At IKEA we are guided by our vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people – Who are the many people? You are! Whether you’re an IKEA customer, co-worker or business partner, the IKEA vision is all about you and we believe this starts by understanding life at home. By being a member at our platform you’ll be invited to join share your ideas, different projects, surveys but also other activities. These co-creation enable us to improve the IKEA offer so we can keep enabling a better life at home.

It all starts with a problem, a question or a hope for something better. Together we build on each other’s ideas, to find the best solution. That’s what we call co-creation!

2)        Who may participate

IKEA welcomes all individuals to join and register within the Co-create IKEA Platform. You may only register as a private person and participants must be at least 18 years old at time of registration.

In order to participate, you need to register as user and provide the few requested details. You agree to provide accurate and complete information when registering, and agree to keep your information up to date. You will be responsible for all activities occurring under your username and for keeping your password secure.

3)        Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us and therefore we want to inform you of your rights. Attached you will find our full privacy statement which describes how Ikea of Sweden AB as data controller is processing your personal data. Please take the time to read this. In the privacy statement, we are describing what personal data we collect about you and why, as well as who we share your personal data with, how we protect your information and how long we keep it and last but not least inform your rights.

In short, we mainly process your personal data when it is necessary for the performance of our contract with you as a Co-Create user. If you have given your consent for us to do, we will process some of your personal data for sharing and marketing purposes and/or to analyze your activity within the Platform to send you personalized invitations to activities based on your previous activity and activity level (so called profiling). Please read the privacy statement for further information.

4)        IKEA engagement

The ultimate objective of the Co-Create IKEA project is to provide actual solutions for your everyday problems, to have your needs and thoughts heard and acted upon by IKEA.

The Platform provides an opportunity for you to express yourself and to show your participation in the IKEA product development. 

Exclusive content from IKEA will be shared in the Platform. For example, research and insights captured in studies or streamed talks will be shared when we believe that it could bring value and inspiration to the Community. IKEA will strive at all times to give feedback and to share how any input within the Platform has been used, what it led to…

IKEA reserves the right to limit or terminate the Platform at any time without notice.

The Platform is provided on an “as is” basis and IKEA does not make any representations or warranties regarding its availability.

IKEA is not responsible for inputs not received due to lost, failed, delayed or interrupted connections or miscommunications or other electronic malfunctions.

IKEA is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate submissions of information, whether caused by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized by the Platform or by any human error which may occur in the processing of the Platform.

The Platform is a very open platform. Excluding your personal details which are protected in respect to data privacy, IKEA will not apply confidentiality to anything that is shared within the Platform, content from the Platform may even be made public for the eyes of people that are not part of the Community.

5)        Your engagement

To the extent that your submitted inputs constitute or give rise to any intellectual property right, as you submit your input you will automatically be granting IKEA a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free, permanent license to unlimited use of your input and any result generated in relation to your input.

Under this license, IKEA may use your input for commercial purposes, for example initiate the development, commercialization and promotion of products. As it is a non-exclusive license, you are of course free to use your own inputs and ideas as you wish, while IKEA will have the right to do the same.

By submitting inputs in dialogue together with other co-creators in the platform, you will be automatically putting aside any claims to confidentiality and intellectual property rights that could have otherwise existed in relation to those inputs. You will also be automatically putting aside any claims to authorship credit with respect to any submitted inputs. Even though IKEA will not make efforts to hide your name in connection to an input you give, IKEA cannot promise that it will be at all times possible to credit inputs.

And, please observe the following:

You may not use the Platform as a marketing tool for yourself, your products or your business.

You may not use the Platform to upload or distribute any software, information or data which constitutes or includes spam or malware, for example, viruses, worms and trojans, or other IT-related hazardous software, information or data.

Please, focus on the subject matter and the purpose of the platform, which is the discussion of practical problems in everyday life, ideas, innovation and solutions.

Your inputs may not contain confidential information, trade secrets or intellectual property rights belonging to a third party.

Your inputs may not contain abusive, inappropriate, racist, threatening, obscene, vulgar, harassing, defamatory, profane, indecent or unlawful language.

Your language may not constitute "hate speech", whether directed at an individual or a group, and whether based on the race, gender, belief, national origin, sexual orientation or language of such individual or group.

You may not register for or hold multiple user registrations on the Platform simultaneously.

IKEA reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, cancel your account, remove your inputs or to suspend, terminate your access to the platform if you violate these rules, as well as to take any other action required or permitted under any applicable law.

6)        Law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed and should be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Sweden, without regard to its conflict of laws principles. Any dispute arising between Participant and IKEA out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions and Service, shall be settled in the public courts of Sweden, whereby the district court of Malmö shall be deemed competent to settle the dispute.



Privacy statement for IKEA Co-Create

The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. That’s a big job, and one we at IKEA of Sweden AB take seriously.

Who are the many people? You are! Whether you’re an IKEA customer, co-worker or business partner, the IKEA vision is all about you. So naturally we want to get to know you better.

One way we do that is by collecting your personal information when you are a Co-Create community member. If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious what information we collect on the Co-Create platform and how we use it. Read on to find out.

Without your information, our job would be a lot harder. So thanks for sharing! We hope to make your everyday life better in return.

1. How we respect your privacy

Our approach at IKEA of Sweden AB is to be as open and transparent as possible about how we collect and use your information.

First, we let you know what information we collect and why. You can read all about that in the next section.

Second, we let you know what we do with your information. Who do we share it with? You can read about that in section 3.

Third, we protect your information and let you know how long we keep it. Read about that in sections 4 and 5.

Finally, we let you know your choices when it comes to your personal information, including who to contact if you have questions or requests. Read about that in sections 6 and 7.

2. What information we collect and why

We want to make your Co-Create experience great and learn as much as possible from you, all for the purpose to create a better everyday life for the many people together with you and the other members of the Co-Create community! To do that we collect several types of information about you which you provide us with when you register as a Co-Create member and thereafter by entering different projects, surveys and other activities. That can be anything from your name and e-mail address to information about your living situation and interests.

Types of information

Source, purpose and legal basis

•     Your name

•     Your e-mail address

•     Your age span

•     Your login credentials to the IKEA Co-Create platform

•     Your family situation

•     Your living situation including information about where you live (country)

•     Information about your interests

•     Information about your activity within Co-Create, such as information about the ideas you have posted and your activity stream

•     Activity points

•     Any other information about you that you have provided us with, such as your photo or information that you have written in “About me” on your profile

•     Information whether you work in an IKEA store or not

You provide us with this information. We need it to set up, administer and provide you with all benefits associated with your IKEA Co-Create community membership. We process the information on the basis of performing the contract with you as a member of IKEA Co-Create.

You are obliged to provide us with information about your name, e-mail address, login credentials and information about what country you live in to set up a Co-Create membership. If you don’t provide this information to us, you will not be able to create a Co-Create account. The other information you provide is necessary to participate different activities on the Co-Create platform, and if you don’t give us the information requested in an activity, you will not be able to participate.

If you have given us your consent to do so, your information will also be processed to analyse your activity on Co-Create to send you personalized invitations to activities based on your previous activity and activity level (so called profiling).

If you have given us you consent to do so, we may also publish information about you on other platforms, including but without limitation social media, or databases for sharing and marketing purposes.


3. Who we share your information with

We do not sell or trade your information to third parties, but we share with others who can help us achieve the IKEA vision. That can be other IKEA companies, service providers or business partners. We’re all committed to keep your information safe and secure.

We may share personal information with others:


Description and company


IKEA is one brand but many companies in different groups of companies. Each company plays a special role to achieve the IKEA vision. We may share your information with other companies operating under the IKEA brand.

Service providers:

We may also share your information with authorised IKEA service providers. For example, we share your information with the company that provides the Co-Create platform and that process the information about you as our data processor.

Other Co-create members:

Information that you provide to us on the Co-Create platform will be made available to other Co-Create members to see for the benefit of the Co-Create community. Not all information you provide will however be public to other members, such as the country where you live, your age span and information whether you work in an IKEA store or not as well as answers you have provide to us when you participate in a survey.


4. How we keep your personal information safe

We protect your information from all kinds of threats: destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access. We do this in a variety of ways depending on where we store and use it.

We are a global company, and we have service providers in many parts of the world. In some cases, we may have to transfer your information to one of these companies located outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”).

We do our best to keep your information safe if your information is transferred outside the EEA. In addition, we will take appropriate or suitable safeguards to ensure lawful transfer of your information outside the EEA. For example, we may rely on so-called adequacy decisions from the EU. This means that the EU believes a country’s own laws or agreements provide adequate protection for your personal data. If we transfer your personal data to the US we may reply in the Privacy Shield Network, which is an agreement between the EU and US governments. Some countries don’t have an adequacy decision. If we share information with a company in such a country, we often sign EU Model Clauses with the recipient. These are legal texts provided by the EU Commission.

If you want more information about what appropriate or suitable safeguards we have taken and want to obtain a copy of them, you are welcome to contact us as referred to in section 7.

5. How long we keep your personal data

We keep your personal data for as long as you are a member of the IKEA Co-Create community. Please note that if you have been inactive for two years, your Co-Create account and all personal information related thereto will be automatically erased. Personal information which is processed based only on your consent, will be processed until you withdraw your consent or, if appropriate, until your Co-Create account is erased by either you or us.

We might store your information longer than stated above if it is necessary because of legal requirements or in accordance with our contract with you.

6. Your privacy rights

You have many rights regarding your personal information. Read more about them below. If you would like to exercise them or learn more, feel free to contact us! You can find contact detail at the end of this statement. Please note that some of the rights may not be applicable to your situation.

Right of access

  • You have the right to know what personal information we process and why as well as to receive an extract of your personal data. That’s why we inform you in advance about our processing activities via this statement. If you have any questions, or would you like to learn more about what information we process from you, you are always welcome to contact us and we will provide you with further information.

Right to rectification

  • If you believe we store or process inaccurate personal data about you, such as outdated address, you can ask us to correct this.

Right to erasure / right to be forgotten

  • You have the right to tell us to permanently erase your personal information from our records. You can do this for example if you believe there’s no longer any need for us to keep it or, if you previously have given your consent, you can just decide to withdraw it.

Right to restrict the processing activities

  • You have the right to restrict our processing activities in certain situations. This means we will continue to store your information, but we’ll temporarily stop any other processing. Why would you want to do this? For example if you’ve asked us to fix incorrect personal data. In this situation you may want us to stop processing until the information is correct.

Right to data portability

  • You have the right to receive your personal data, which you have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and the right to transmit those data to another data controller.


Right to object

  • You have the right to object to the processing of your information for direct marketing purposes, including profiling, at any time.


Right to withdraw consent

  • If we process your personal information based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent anytime. This will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on your consent prior the withdrawal.


Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

  • If you aren’t satisfied with the way we treat your personal information, you have the right to lodge a complaint about us to the national supervisory authority. Contact information, and how you can proceed with this can be found at

7. Who to contact?

IKEA of Sweden AB, Swedish company registration no. 556074-7551, is the data controller and responsible for the processing of your personal data.

If you have questions about our privacy statement or practices, please feel free to get in touch. You can contact us at:

IKEA of Sweden AB